tech · 17. January 2022
My Tool For Database Schema Migrations
There are a few crucial considerations to make when choosing a Database Schema Migration Tool for CI/CD development. A tool that is both trustworthy and simple to use is one of the most critical features to search for. The tool's ability to interact with common CI/CD tools is another important factor to consider. This will enable you to quickly automate the migration process and guarantee that your database schema and codebase are always in sync.
tech · 16. September 2019
While each and every engineer who has a piece of paper and a pen predicted the ineffectiveness of Solar Road, the bureaucrats zealously continued to spend taxpayer euros. This project is a fantastic sample of spending taxpayer euros on bizarre affairs. We now have commercialized installments of solar arrays around the world, and we all know that they are still costly in comparison to the some other energy sources. The solar panels are aligned with the Sun to gain more performance. They are...
life · 14. September 2019
A week ago, we witnessed the end of our good old Braun coffee maker. It has been a regular unit from earlier times, however it kept on serving the office for 10 years: no bad synthetic smells, only nice coffee. So currently we look for a replacement. While checking for feedbacks, my wife and I found this man who has released a rating blog, and he explained to me why i'm just reading bullshit on almost 50% of the review blogs. Right now testimonials are money-makers. A lot of websites are...
life · 13. September 2019
I realized that default Google Calendar settings permit anyone to arrange an event for you by sending an e-mail message to your mailbox. Google will approve this e-mail message's content even after it's been filtered with their own junk mail filter and definitely will create a new event in your Calendar!
life · 28. July 2019
Hello! My name is Dementi Demidov and I am graphical user interface designer. I am currently working at aviation industry. For previous several years I have been developing avionic interface. When I started with software development, user interface designer almost became my obsession. Why I started this blog? I was always thinking how somebody could have sufficient time to develop blog with rich content. In the meantime I have collected solid amount of knowledge which I don't have with who to...